Godowns to let in Mlolongo

Warehouses in Mlolongo to Let The godowns are located in Mlolongo near the weighbridge, less than...
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Land owners to apply for new title deeds to replace those issued under past regimes

The ministry of Lands has embarked on a process of conversion of all parcels of land from the...
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Apartment buyers will now get title deeds after president Kenyatta approves the new law

Good news for Apartment buyers as the president approved the new law on sectional property...
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Costs Involved When Buying Property in Kenya

The right time to buy a property largely depends on individual's available disposable income....
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Mortgage Application Process in Kenya

Having engaged the various mortgage financiers, their process are the same but the terms of the...
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Finding a reliable Real Estate Agent in Kenya

The real estate sector is experiencing a huge growth right now and it is a very lucrative market...
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Step-by-Step Process of buying Property in Kenya

When buying property in Kenya, it is prudent that the correct process is followed. Most people find...
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Skills That You Can Learn In The Real Estate Market

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis mollis et sem sed sollicitudin. Donec...
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