Construction Management

At Kagen properties & Investments, we take cognizance of the busy individual’s tight work schedules and we have put together a team of relevant construction professionals to take away the hassles of chasing getting an architect, approvals of house plans, sourcing and negotiating with contractors, getting the best construction mortgage and supervising the construction process, away from you. 

Many people have purchased plots and they do not have the time or ability to supervise the day-to-day progress of the construction of their homes. We can supervise the construction at an agreed fee and at the same time be part of the project team. This will leave you to focus on your usual business as your house is being constructed within the agreed terms and without compromising on the quality.

We have ready house designs for you to choose from with predetermined costs to guide you in determining which house you need depending on your budget. We have also negotiated on the costs of designing the house plans and construction costs with our partner construction professionals.

To make this possible for you, Kagen Properties & Investment has partnered with Surelink International Limited in provision of affordable housing to our clients. Surelink International Ltd is a construction company duly registered in Kenya with a shared objective of providing affordable and high quality housing solutions in Kenya and beyond.  Customers get to choose between machine-cut blocks and  Hydraform Building System for the construction of the building walls.

Hydraform Building Systems technology brings down the construction cost by 20-30% of the conventional construction methods. The Hydraform building system is a dry-stack masonry system that enables speedier construction of high quality, aesthetic and affordable buildings. The other components of the conventional building system remain largely unchanged. Hydraform blocks are made by hydraulically compressing a mixture of raw earth and stabilizer – using cement – in the Hydraform block making machine. The blocks have tongue-grooves on the top and bottom, as well as on the two sides. This geometry ensures a perfect interlocking of two blocks and results in strong aesthetic walls, arches and cobbles. The blocks have a pleasing brick-face finish and provide for three-pointed straight masonry. The walls can be exposed, plastered or finished with cement paint.

We also advise our clients on which bank provide mortgage with the best terms depending on the individual’s income among other factors, and connecting you to the specific mortgage specialists at the respective banks.

Special rates for construction costs are available for Sacco’s and any other investors doing several units on the same piece of land due to the economies of scale.

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