Property Management

– Do you live far from your rental property?

– Do you have limited time and want to focus on your your work?

– Is your current property management company inefficient and you are planning to change?

– Do you want to avoid employing an inexperienced caretaker to look after your property while saving on costs?

– Do you have several properties or rental units and do not have sufficient time to manage?

– Are you looking for an experienced Property Management company that can guarantee you safety of your Real Estate investments?

If your answer to any of the above is “Yes” , then Kagen Properties & Investments is your right partner in Property Management. We undertake to manage our client’s rental properties (apartments, Shopping complex, residential and office blocks) professionally at flexible affordable terms.

The services which we offer under Property Management include collection of rents, regular inspection of the property, attending to and supervising any necessary repairs, attending to the tenant’s complaints relating to the property,  accounting the income received to the Landlord on monthly, quarterly/yearly basis and paying the net income in the manner instructed by the Landlord, and advising the Landlord on the condition of the property on expiry of the lease. We also provide advice on and or enter into carefully negotiated property insurance to ensure that the building is adequately covered where applicable

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